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Website Design for Successful SEO

Your site must engage your visitors and the search engines. Our love of SEO empowers us to design your website for top rankings.

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Veterans of Search Engine Optimization

We've been doing SEO since the days of AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot, etc - before Google was a leader. You get a lot of experience here!

Houston pay-per-click PPC services, Texas

Cost Effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing

It's easy to get started with PPC but it's also easy to waste a lot of money. Let us manage a very targeted PPC campaign for you.

Houston social media optimization Texas

Rank-Boosting Social Networking

If done correctly, social media can be used to really boost your website rankings. Our tried and tested methods get you there.

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Encourage Interaction Using Google AdWords Extensions Creatively

The typical way a PPC ad is used is to attract a click through to either your carefully planned landing page or a particular service/product page on your website. Once your visitor arrives you are trying to encourages them to take some form of action whether it is getting them to call you, submit a contact form, download something, buy from you, or something else. As you probably know, the average web surfer is very impatient. They want the information they are looking for in seconds with minimum fuss. What can you do about this? You can use Google’s AdWords … Continue reading

Understanding Google’s ‘(Not Provided)’ Keyword Searches and the Impact on Traffic Analysis

When you are signed in to your Google account any searches you do at Google.com are performed under SSL so that they are encrypted. This is Google’s way of protecting your privacy when you perform your searches. The average user will be grateful that the keyword phrases they enter into a Google search are kept private. However, for us internet marketing types this is a thorn in our sides that seems to be laying down roots and growing. The problem with searches that are encrypted is that the data provided in Google Analytics labels all of these searches with a … Continue reading

VIDEO Tutorial: Easily Validate Microdata Code & Check Google+ Local for Better SEO

This post is a video that follows on from the last post, VIDEO: 90 Seconds to Perfect Microdata: Rich Snippets Tutorial for Local SEO so if you haven’t already watched that one it would be a good idea to do so before going further ;-D This video is another tutorial anyone can use to check that their microdata rich snippets are set up correctly. It is extremely simple to do but also an extremely important step to take in order to ensure that the search engines will correctly interpret your microdata code so that you get the full benefit. If you don’t … Continue reading

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    We're realistic. We do not guarantee #1 positions in the organic search engine results and we don't trust any SEO company that does. You do not have a limitless budget so we are honest about what we can do for your website and business.
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  • SEM Services in Houston for Clients Worldwide

    Although we're a Houston search engine marketing company we work with clients across the US and abroad, not just in South Texas. Whether your business is in Dallas, New York, or the UK, local SEO is crucial if your website must reach your local market.
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  • We'll Help You Understand Your SEM Needs

    You and your business are unique so your search engine marketing campaign will be unique. Through learning about your business, researching targeted keywords and your competition we create an SEM package that fulfils your business and website needs.
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  • Our SEO Services Won't Get Your Site Banned

    Don't risk your website being banned from the search engines by hiring an SEO company that uses risky or 'blackhat' search engine optimization methods. There is no quick route to top organic rankings, only hard work. We do not use blackhat SEO methods.
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